FAQ for Artists

FAQ for Artists


1) Sale of artworks:

How is the pricing system?

  • All artworks are sold on the platform with a based price model. (ie. Artists will provide us a fixed price they desired to receive for each artwork, and Art Being will mark up for the platform)
  • Art Being will be deciding on the mark-up rate for each artwork posted on artbeing.co
  • The mark-up amount is used to cover all the varying costs of marketing, shipping, insurances, taxes and operations.

Can the artworks be sold in other platform?

  • No, the same piece should not be sold anywhere else, including online or in-person platforms

Can I withdraw my artwork from Artbeing.co?

  • Yes, you could choose to withdraw a piece from Artbeing.co but you are obligated to give a 30-day notice in advance before the piece can be officially taken off the market and site


2) Shipping, Delivery & Payment:

Who pays for the shipping fee?

  • Art Being will be covering all the costs of shipping including insurance and taxes.

Do I have to arrange the delivery?

  • No, we will arrange all the delivery once we receive an order of your artwork.

What happen when somebody ordered my artwork?

For overseas artists:

  • You will get noticed right after we receive the order and payment from buyers. Then we will call you for the pick up detail, and arrange a courier to pick up and deliver to the destination for you.
  • Packaging will also be handled by the delivery company.  
  • The only thing you will need to do is to print and sign a Certificate of Authenticity, which has to be sent together with your artwork.

For local artists:

  • You will get noticed right after we receive the order from buyers. Then we will call you for the pick up detail, and we will handle the packaging and hand deliver the artwork to the destination.
  • If the buyer requests to look at your artwork before purchasing, we will arrange the meeting for you.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity will also be provided for you to sign and will be sent with the artwork.   

When will I receive my payment?

  • After we have ensured the artwork is well-received by the buyer, we will settle the payment within 7 days.

How will the payment be settled?

  • For local artists, we will transfer the payment by bank transfer or cheque.
  • For overseas artists, we will settle it through online payment gateway.


3) Copyright of artworks:

Who owns the copyright of the artworks selling on Artbeing.co?

  • Copyright of artworks submitted to Art Being will be owned by the artist before sale.
  • The ownership of the original piece is transferred to buyers after transactions, while the copyright is still owned by the artist.


4) Use of submitted information and images:

How will the images & information sent to Art Being be used?

  • Displaying them (excluding email address & contact number) on artbeing.co, in the event it is chosen to be displayed
  • Using them (excluding email address & contact number) for online and offline marketing purposes for Art Being only, and will not be deleted once posted on third party channels even after the contractual period, unless upon requests.
  • Only Art Being employees have the right to handle them
  • Artists’ permission will be sought for other uses not mentioned above

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiry at +852 5608 7941 or via email at [email protected]