Alice B
October 4, 2018
Kennis Chan
October 4, 2018

Andrej Barov

German Artist Born in 1958 St.Petersburg. EDUCATION 1976 1981 Academy of Theatre, Music and Movies, (Diploma) St.Petersburg. Andrej Barov is a German photographer and art painter. He has had over 120 exhibitions in Europe’s museums and art galleries. The world represented by the works of Andrej Barov seems strange and bent at first glance. Suddenly we realize something familiar to us, and an effect of déja-vu arises. Barov deals in his art not with the image of the visual reality that our eyes provide but with the impression of what corresponds to our cultural memory. Whether historical allusions, fragments of works of art or media phenomena, everything we have created with our human creative spirit, is the reality Andrej Barov is looking upon. In this sense, his artistic process is a look on the inside, into the depths of our brains and our collective memory. He tries to explore the relationship between media and historical events, revealing interesting parallels and showing a mirror of past and present. With his projects, he also deals with the aspect of presenting a suitable appearance and reasonable visual language that make this adventure possible. With considerable knowledge and technical precision, he formed elusive nuances of our conscious; exciting images that evoke countless reactions within us and bring up materializations in our subconscious. In this exciting worldview, today meets tomorrow and the past is changing unnoticedly from the present to the future. Professor Dr. Dr. Christian Moosbrugger, Vienna 
Psychologist and Professor of Art History

What motivates you to be an artist?

Art helps us to find the way to truth