Cheung Ka Ying
August 14, 2017
Fion Hung
August 14, 2017

Fung Ming Sum

completed her Degree in Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. Her works have been presented in Hong Kong most recently. Fung Ming Sum focuses on the connection between gesture and the artist’s personality in her art. The artist believes that an artwork’s visual forms can highlight the individuality of its creator, as well as serve as a response to our suppressed yet chaotic society. From 2016, Fung Ming Sum has started creating two series of paintings, named “Streets of Hong Kong” and “Persona”, to represent the features of daily life in Hong Kong and re-examine the relationship between creator and portrayed targets, with images and words.

What motivates you to be an artist?

I don’t choose to be an artist. I am an artist.

Why is art important to you?

I enjoy seeing beautiful things. Through art, I can create and get in touch with different kind of beauties, which move my life and soul.