Tham Yee Sien
October 3, 2018
Jimmy Lau
October 3, 2018

Juan Alejandro Jaureguiberry

(b. 1974 Bs.As. ) Contemporary artist based in Villa la Angostura,Neuquen (Arg.) Ever since I can remember, I have felt the vital urge to express myself artistically, more precisely, through painting and drawing.It is by art that I can manifest what compels my attention, what becomes the object of my analysis, confiding on image in a natural or primitive way, like our ancestors did in the Paleolithic.

What motivates you to be an artist?

It is about sharing my emotions, about finding a medium and a form to express what I can not put into words

Why is art important to you?

Formacion artistica 2007 De Academie voor Beeldende Kunst Gent. 2003 Sint Lukas Gent-Academie Kunsthumaniora Hoege Schol. 1998 Atelier de la arista plastica Andre Gutierrez, Buenos Aires Muestras Individuales 2012 Kasteel van Laarne Belgica: Sala de armas / Sala de fiestas. 2017 Mercado de Arte Galeria Villa la Angostura Argentina Muestras Colectivas 2017 Quince artistas Villa la Angostura. Centro de convenciones Villa la Angostura Neuquén 2017 Quince Artistas, Homenaje a Silvette Badessich. Legislatura de Neuquén, Argentina. 2013 Festival Puentes Argentina Belgica Muestra de arte contemporaneo Parlamento