Chung Man Yung
September 9, 2017
Ben Snowden
September 9, 2017


Puput Sri Rezeki Known as kikko b.1990 , Now based at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. since 2013 studying at Institute of Indonesian Institute of the art Yogyakarta ( ISI Yogyakarta) as Fine art student. Has been do some Group Exhibition.

I use body movement as a language because it represents many implicit meanings, both culturally, messages, signs and symbols as a response to the relationship between humans and the environment. I do not require to use certain styles in the works, but mostly more to semi-figurative as well as abstract expressionis and has been transferes into several technique such as printmaking.

What motivates you to be an artist?

There is no other way to share my (our) sight and be able to make it happen except through the work that we called ‘artwork’.

Why is art important to you?

Art is part of an individual, as a human being. The culture, stories, environment, anything are connected by art.