Roza Horowitz
August 9, 2017
Chung Po Chui Zoe
August 9, 2017

Lamothy Kwok

I am a Hong Kong-based painter, major in Visual Arts and minor in Communication Studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts. I like to try different kinds of medium in painting in presenting my idea. Working in variety of materials but maintains a fascination in drawing, painting and printmaking. My works depict simple subjects, which are current issues, thoughts and subtle emotions of human. Art, to me, is showing those common stuffs in a sudden discovery.

What motivates you to be an artist?

I do art because I have something to express. This is the simplest reason for all art makers. Looking back my pervious works have found that painting could lead me to reflect the value of art. In working with paint, I could question myself in medium and the observation toward the actual world. Meanwhile, understanding to details is revealing the cognition to world based in the canvas surface. Somehow, art in painting always conducted me from internal chase to achieving the world soul. This is the most mysterious feature in art.

Considering my artworks, media including found images and paint pouring could further manipulate the visualization of painting. Perhaps, there are ranges of possibilities in organizing my till-now investigations. Thence, the honor project is just a hub in reviewing both subject matters and techinical researching in art, and there will be a lot more discoveries further.

Why is art important to you?

‘Painting, in short, is a language through which painters discover their subjects and also both lose and find themselves.’ Peter Doig, a well-known contemporary Scottish painter, stated.

In 19th century, landscape painters believed painting could maintain the loss of nature in their living. They aim to paint in achieving the highest thing in art, sublime, which proposed by Johann Heinrich Füssli. Given that the sublime brings with the highest aesthetic value, painter start to recognize the beauty has existed and owned in the nature itself. Carl Ludwig Fernow has told, ‘As to the definition of beauty, my answer is this. Beauty is what makes us feel the divine essence in nature (i.e. In the world of sensory phenomena); just as truth is the cognitive awareness of divine essence, and the virtue of life of divine essence in this world.’ Therefore, painters who fascinated in the landscape were leading to express the relationship between scene and themselves rather accomplishing the highest aesthetic. Sentimental landscape was not praise highly in the past but it is being so much treasurable in knowing the artist’s story recently.

What are the sources of landscape? From the concept of world soul to the narrative and descriptive purpose, painters did not satisfied the philosophical inquirer only but also questioning how they exist in the present world. ‘I’ becomes an important notion in painting.