Mok Ting Yan Vivien
August 8, 2017
Manny Yip Man
August 8, 2017

Noble Wong

was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, MSc in Multimedia Entertainment Technology with Distinction award in 2008. From 2014 onwards, he keeps browsing the city and doing location sketch so as to capture the unique culture of Hong Kong. He specialized in sketchy dynamic lines and vibrant color style, and his artworks have been exhibited in many exhibitions, both local and overseas including France and Kosovo. He also made animation shorts that have been shown in Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009 and International Children’s Film Carnival 2016.

He established an illustration company “Noble Sketchbook” in 2015, and has worked with clients including Jockey Club, Dah Sing Bank, A.S.Watson group, Home Affairs Bureau, Mi Ming Mart, Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation etc. He also participated in community/public art projects, including “HK Urban Canvas” and “City Momentum” in 2017.