Joyce Tse Chui Shuen
October 16, 2017
Patrick Hochleitner
October 4, 2017

Razia Shaker

I am beginning to speak the language of clay after thirteen years of trying. I have had a good tutor(Jill Crowley) for guidance. I like the feel of clay and how it silently records every mark and scratch that is applied. Being a mere mortal I would like to think that my pots will be around long after when I have gone. I am inspired by ancient and Japanese pottery. Birthplace: Singapore Hometown:South London Education: O’levels Training: Self-taught

What motivates you to be an artist?

Creating something has to be spontaneous never planned. I know that when life is hard I found sanctuary in clay because I can control it and fashion the clay into something that is meaningful.

Why is art important to you?

Art is the only way to escape without leaving the house. There were times when I have lived in places that were not I created my own world of beauty.