Alejandra Sieder
January 2, 2018
Zheng Yu
January 2, 2018

Terena Wong

Hong Kong Based Artist, Study in the Glasgow School of Art and graduated in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Education University of Hong Kong.

Like Mural Paintings, Love movement and nature.

When you know what you are passionate about, you will feel motivated every moment. On my way to become a street art artist, in addition to luck, it requires a lot of courage to take the initiative and at times of weariness, perseverance to keep learning, creating and exploring in the field of painting. I have participated and completed more than 40 community art projects, street art works, 3D mural paintings and 3D floor painting in Hong Kong, USA and China individually and in group paintings. What I have also done in these few years is collaborating with local schools to promote street arts on campus and in the community. Hopefully, my efforts would continue to inspire students in positive ways and that with these experiences gained.