Terena Wong
January 2, 2018
Ophelia Kwong
January 2, 2018

Zheng Yu

was born in Hainan, China, 1978. Artist. At present is living in Macao. Member of Macau Artist Society. His work was selected by World Peace – A Pledge of Youth in Arts Form. He was invited to join the 2017 Art Next Expo at Hong Kong and Exhibition of Track – Artworks of The Members of Macau Artist Society at Macao. Zheng Yu’s fantastical work has at its core “China art”, and is presented as Contemporary Art.

What motivates you to be an artist?

How to explain the fusion of oriental and occidental art and introduce Chinese art to the world is the burning force behind Zheng Yu’s work.

About Zheng’s works

At present, Zheng Yu’s works pay more attention to “people” and “emotion”. He attempts to investigate how to integrate “emotion” into his works through kinds of art experiment.