The Refugees
October 15, 2017
October 30, 2017


Ophelia Jacarini

This piece is part of the series of works that represents the origination of Ophelia’s enquiries into the seeds of humanity and visualization of birth and biological creation, the complex relationship between our active mind, our subconscious understanding and our physical bodies in movement, the daunting multiplicity of ways to express the life-force of an organism, using the language of human form and movement to challenge the influence of societal judgments on our perception. Moreover, Ophelia first journey to India was the inflection point of significant life changes, and a breakthrough for her artistic practice. She takes her colour palette directly from the Indian landscape for her acrylic paintings in Organism her brushes drift organically to favour bright orange and clear pink hues, details in complimentary pastels, rendition after rendition of the human form in Chakra colours and a mirroring of the celebrations of light, coloured paint on skin, and the energy of life in dance.


Acrylic on paper

35.4 x 47.2 in (90 x 120 cm)


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Ophelia Jacarini