Untitled #1
August 6, 2017
August 7, 2017

Study for the Overpasses from 1997 to 2001 . 1997 Jan


Lamothy Kwok

In juxtaposing painting and found childhood portraits,, this series concretizes my perception of my childhood living environment as a psychedelic cityscape. The blue of denim and cyanotype materializes my yearning toward a bygone era. My perception of childhood relies on a contingent meld of temporality and locality. The real, the verisimilar, and the surreal collapse as one. The past and the present are bridged by the overpass, mediating the internal and the external, the real and the remembered. Perception regenerates from my consciousness wandering between an illusive nostalgia and a melancholic mirage.

Peter Doig is an important reference artist to me. The depiction of historical subjects has presented with its loneliness and emptiness. Given an individual is worrying about the faded memories and struggling regarded to the poccess of reminiscence, Doig painted with the above emotions (, e.g. 100 Years Ago). The treatment of solitary, soul-searching, and the way in subject research has inspired me to create the painting.


Oil, Enamel and Cyanotype on Bleached Denim

23×17 in