Study for the Staircase I pass over II
August 2, 2017
Untitled #1
August 6, 2017

Study for the Staircase I pass over III


Lamothy Kwok

Study for the Staircase I pass over is a series of oil painting that created by me in 2016. This painting series contain 3 pieces of 90 x 120 cm oil on canvas. Generally, all 3 paintings consider the direct observation to the staircase in different angles. There are no human beings in all scenes. The loneliness of the cityscape is highly emphasized in all three paintings.

Considering the colour field study, paintings created by Wolf Kahn could lead me to think about the palette of Fauvism. Perhaps, Wolf’s paintings are more attractive in the usage of contrast color with glittery contemporary oils. The landscape is painted in realistic composition but the dazzle paint he used involved his own vision toward the actual world meanwhile. The eerie colour will set as a reference to my painting certainly.


Oil on Canvas

35 in x 47 in