Melting Snow (Finalist at the Contemporary Art Prize 2017 Australia)
December 20, 2017
No Ball Game
May 14, 2018

The people in the corner

Manny Yip Man

城市放空作主題。我總喜愛觀察箇中人們微妙的反應,在生活上經常被十分專注但沒什麼特別事做的 被觀察對象 所吸引,也許他們正在放空,平靜靈魂,解放曾被植入的東西。We have to empty ourselves in order to get a brief break from the influence of micro-implantation. The theme of the work is about ‘City Emptiness’. What attracts me the most of people is their subtle reactions in the public while they have nothing to do. Maybe they are emptying their souls, want to be free from what implanted into before.

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80 x 100 cm