Paradox I
August 7, 2017
Prima Donna 1
August 21, 2017

To Be Used Someday


Fion Hung

Over the years, my mother developed a habit of hoarding and explained to me these objects were Ôonce usefulÕ and hoped Ôto be used someday.Õ As a daughter, I am always curious and confused, even puzzled. Until one day in 2016, my motherÕs idea is realized by me Ð I rendered these objects to an invaluable work of art of her, of me, and between us. In ÔTo Be Used Someday,Õ I stole one hundred objects from my motherÕs collection and made the objects useful Ð by re-purposing them into props in my photography. The work is a dialogue of my mother and I. During the creative process, I negotiate and interpret meanings of these objects, also the meanings of existence, with her.

Most of my artwork inspirations come from my family, the closest and most important thing to me on earth. The work “To Be Used Someday” is a continuous piece followed by another artwork of mine called “Dialog with mum” a month with you”. After breaking the wall between me and her, I continued to communicate with mum through the way of art making. I hope by doing this piece, she’d be able to know more of my feelings towards her.


Photo Installation (Inkjet Print on Bamboo Fine Art Paper)

Size variable / 46 pieces